Our Faculty and Staff

Our Teachers and Staff are professional, dedicated individuals who work tirelessly to provide a holistic environment where a student’s mind, body, and spirit are nourished and cared for daily.  We see each student as a unique child of God.

Administrators and Staff

Rev. Paul Gawlowski, OFM. Conv, Pastor

Rev. Carlos Morales, Associate

Mrs. April Beuder, Principal

Mrs. Kathe Barnes, Vice Principal

Mrs. Maritza Corleto, Preschool Director

Mrs. Alejandra Chavola, Administrative Assistant

Ms. Stephanie Criona, Campus Youth Minister

Mrs. Naima Elfarissi, ECP Director


Mrs. Tessa George, Kindergarten Aide

Mrs. Tina Fucci, Mentor / Reading Support

Mrs. Victoria Freiler, Art Teacher

Mrs. Katie Light, Bookkeeper

Mrs Diane Petroni, TK Teacher


Mrs. Marina Estrada, Kindergarten

Ms Tara Kostan, 1st Grade Teacher

Ms. Jolene Blee, Second Grade

Mrs. Raquel Martinez, Third Grade

Mrs. Donna Betts, Fourth Grade

Ms. Glenna Finton, Fifth Grade Teacher

Mrs. Elaine Shawcross, Sixth Grade Homeroom & Jr High Science

Mr Alejandro Santander, 7th Religion/Homeroom, Jr. High Math, 7th and 8th Spanish

Mr. Jack Moore, Eighth Grade Homeroom, Seventh Grade ELA

Mr. Jimi Hazen, Music, 5th Grade Math, 5th, 6th, & 7th Grade Social Studies

Ms. Theresa Avila, Campus Youth Minister, 1st Grade Aide

Mr. James Kee, TK-4th Music

Mr. Jesus Hernandez, Spanish Grades TK-2

Ms Robyn Morioka, PE Teacher & Athletic Director

Mr. Keith Shawcross, 2nd Grade Aide

Ms. Elsa Pacheco, TK2 Teacher

Mrs. Vicki Lee, 2nd Grade Aide

Mr. Martin Lomeli, Spanish Grades 3-6

Preschool Educators

Ms. Susana Gomez, Sunshine Room Teacher

Ms Gina Valencia, Pre-K Preschool Teacher

Ms. Stephanie Morales, Pre-K Preschool Teacher

Ms. Mercedes Newby, Pre-K Teacher

Ms. Adriana Guerrero, Sunshine Room Teacher